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Update Page:
The TAU Systems survey analysis suite was updated several times per year, as new facilities were suggested by Users, until August 2009, after which the entire system seemed to be complete.
But as new or modified modules become available they will be posted here for Users to more easily update their systems rather than by dowloading a complete suite of programs.

Some groups of updated small utility programs are usually posted as a combined .ZIP file for ease of access.
New versions of language modules are always supplied as a set.
Feel free to contact us on any technical matters at techsupport. ( tbwright@cantv.net )

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New Files:
TAU Survey Analysis System
(February 2014 update: Modest cosmetic changes to some screen menus.)
SAP.EXE 02/2014 Self-extracting zip file for installing survey processing systems
http://www.tausystems.com/files/sap.exe About 1.5Mb
COD7.ZIP 04/2014 zip file for adding text response processing system programs
http://www.tausystems.com/files/cod7.zip About 500Kb
english.zip 12/2009 English language manual for all systems
http://www.tausystems.com/files/english.zip About 140Kb
spanish.zip 12/2009 Spanish language manual for all systems
http://www.tausystems.com/files/spanish.zip About 140Kb

There have been only minor program updates for the whole SAP and ACS suites, other than cosmetic, since August 2009.

01/08/2009 A Greek language system, with keyboard emulation and display was added to TAU-SAP.

8/08/2014 News:
A new version of program EXLSAP.exe , for converting Excel tab or comma delimited text and data to both TAU systems, now includes multi-level quotation nesting and up to 99 multiple responses from each Excel column, (by using double quotes around the text, and tab or comma delimiter between term items). This extends the use to many more commercial interpretations of this delimited text formats. Any value or survey coding within a column is also converted to the TAU format, from which any other format can be extracted by choice.
There are also programs included (ASCxxx.exe name format) to process ascii text data in ascii modes..

New version of generator for WEB, CADE, E-mail form questionnaires and data capture.
This version allows *[TABLE]* after question texts to request monospaced fonts for response table alignments,
or *[FOTO]* (followed by relative or full url for image or photograph).

Free additional source and test files of BMD statistical software in Fortran (public domain software):-

01/08/2009: A new suite of statistics programs (rewrites of 28 of the Univ. of Los Angeles BMD programs to a modern context).
Examples of ascii input control, the expected output text reports and help files are provided for each program

University of California Biomedical Statistics files (source and executables)
bmdrun.zip 08/2009 BMD executables, needed texts for \BMD directory.
http://www.tausystems.com/files/bmdrun.zip About 1.2Mb
bmdtxts.zip 08/2009 BMD help files, and test data files, output reports.
http://www.tausystems.com/files/bmdtxts.zip About 140Kb