This is not another cross-tab package!

This is an integrated set of modules that automate all the processes found in
a Market Research Company except for the book-keeping, and has over 32 years
of development and client use and feedback behind it. The system can reduce
staff needs to the account executive(s), ONE secretary and TWO more persons,
for a throughput of above 150 surveys per year (unlimited) if paper is used,
and far more surveys and/or less persons if purely electronically-captured data is
used like CATI, CAPI or e-mailed html forms.

With our unique OMR reading and Automated Coding systems, we can get final
reports out the same day the data came from the field! Since the processing
is only a few seconds for a large survey, you have the luxury of being able
to look at reports and change absolutely anything in seconds! This system is
reputed to process data over 100 times faster than the next candidate known.

You can use the modules separately or together, but each is designed to
cost less and be faster that ANY other way of doing any job.

The system handles questionnaire design for printing paper, Telephone
Interviewing (CATI), self-administered (CAPI) and E-MAIL.
We can convert from most kinds of electronically-stored questionnaires
(e.g. Word RTF, or ascii text) to these formats.
Data entry is automatic (OMR, CATI, CAPI, E-MAIL), or manual (other paper).
Modules include validation, automated coding of text responses, report
generation, statistical and factor analysis, perceptual mapping and more.

We can read and write anyone else's data formats (IBM, Quantum, binary, CI3
CATI files, Excel, and anybody's ASCII, text or Dbase) and even write IBM,
Quantum and Sawtooth CI3 source programs directly from any questionnaire!
If you have any other formats we'll give you a conversion module free!

The account executive designs a survey, then writes (or builds from previous
blocks, a questionnaire which generates all electronic formats, (paper,OMR,
CATI, CAPI, HTML) and AUTOMATICALLY all the processing programs!

The questionnaire can be also be printed as an Optical Mark Readable (OMR)
document that does not have to be specially printed (whatever people say),
just penciled in the field or home then read by the computer at over 6000
double-sided pages per hour. Without an OMR reader, the control files for
data entry and validation of codes and/or verbatim replies are generated.

We support NCS, Scantron and several other OMR readers, any WORD-supported
printers or most printers directly. All the software can run under Windows
command line on any Intel or AMD hardware or Apple Macbook and many others.
Data space requirements are typically 3Mb per study, but 1GB is supported.
The system can run in most European languages and switch in 2 seconds.

For printing, you can choose the report format to be indistinguishable from
IBM, Quantum, and several other "standard" formats, so your clients can
still receive the same reports, but faster and VERY much cheaper.

There are no practical limitations, but the current arbitrary limits are 65
thousand 99-page questionnaires, 7722 questions each with up to 128 multiple
replies. Reports can have 32 columns by 256 6-line rows over several pages in
portrait and/or landscape orientations. There are simple ways to bypass all
the mentioned limits. The system counts both instances and quantity values.
For more details see the reference manual.