The system is unique in FIVE major areas:-

1) It offers the option of Optical Mark Readable questionnaires
(OMR) that do NOT have to be specially printed. Just photocopy in the
desired quantity, the master copy that your printer produces.

2) It is able to convert the electronic form of a wide variety of
formats of questionnaires to normal or OMR printed formats, or to CAPI
(portable) and CATI telephone interview formats, and e-mail HTML form
auto-reply format, then process the questionnaire text and generate all
the programs needed to enter, read, or otherwise capture and validate
the data to produce the final reports. Images can be included.

Here OMR has major impact, for raw data can be captured from 300
20-page questionnaires in 50 minutes even on the slowest commercial OMR
readers. However the data is prepared, a powerful validation system
ensures clean data. Without OMR, all the same advantages exist except
for the automatic data entry and the consequent need for fewer staff;
excellent manual data entry modules are provided.

3) The system can process directly the text of responses to open
questions and automate the coding on a question (not a questionnaire)
basis, in parallel with data capture. This is NOT a one-by-one process!
The final text of the grouped replies enters the analysis programs, and
the new data updates any other data files from OMR or data entry or any
of the other methods (CATI, CAPI, e-mail). This text processing is also
used for the qualitative analysis in group dynamics sessions as well as
being a full CATI/CAPI system for both open and closed questions.
Images can be included in the electronic forms.

4) The system is reputed to be the fastest in the world! From clean
data to printer-ready reports is from 15 seconds to one minute. Typical
rates are 500 reports per minute to disc, screen or network spooler or
to Word, Lotus and Excel files in the appropriate formats. Conversions
of any text reports to MS-WORD .RTF format can be in either portrait or
landscape orientations.

5) It can generate data and source code for other systems!

Oh! And all user communication, including non-user text reporting, is by
external language modules which the User can modify or switch between
in about one second. It comes with English and Spanish.