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TAU Systems

What is our system about?

The TAU Systems survey analysis suite is a fully integrated menu-based system that runs under any Windows system (or MSDOS), designed to automate all functions of a market research company or any organization that performs surveys, and reduces total staff needs to two or three.

Pretty much any existing ascii text questionnaire can be automatically converted to the TAU layout, which then drives all further processes, by automatically generating all the needed programs (which do not need any compiling) to collect and validate data, process and alayse text responses and produce final reports

The system is free to educational bodies. The U.S. version comes with both English and Spanish language modules. Other user-modifiable European language modules are available.

The system can generate and print several kinds of Optical Mark Readable (OMR) questionnaires, in many formats, on any Word/RTF-compatible printer (for photocopying or offset printing) of single or double-sided pages to eliminate data entry costs and errors. OMR coding sheets can also be generated and read.

* The use of OMR is only an option to the normal questionnaire generation.

TAU-SAP generates survey reporting source programs in TAU-SAP, IBM-SAP, and Quantum, for any formats from the questionnaire itself, and can convert any data formats (binary, IBMª, Quantumª, Excelª, various ASCII, and so on) to any other data format. Existing survey questionnaire formats can also be converted.

It features validate/modify data entry modes and powerful editing, checking, re-coding and frequency analysis modules (for both binary and ascii data files), has 15-dimension factor analysis, and conceptual mapping and standard statistical packages.

It has a unique ability to process and code text replies automatically, and also offers CATI and CAPI services, and HTML web-based forms, all in any left-to right alphabet languages.

Reports can be output in most standard Windows RTF and other formats.

Greek questionnaires have also been used. See "Frequently asked questions".


April 2014


Updated 2014 version uploaded.

By allowing selection of Ascii or RTF coding for output reports, the need for printer drivers is eliminated.

Then the use of a text or RTF-compatible editor (e.g. Microsoft Word or similar) makes simple, further decoration, font changes and printer selection.

This in turn allows all left-to-right alphabets for questionnaire and reports.

(Serial port OMR reading is still limited to MSDOS, and Windows 3.1, 95, 98 systems, unless Porttalkª or similar software is used to clear Microsoft port map restrictions of Windows NT, XP, Vista, or V7 upward, which situation only affects only one optional module).

USB port OMR readers are now available for the same functionality